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We are here to help.  We offer a complimentary, comprehensive phone consultation to learn of your specific project goals and counsel you on the most cost effective and efficient process to achieve those goals. In addition we will perform the necessary research to provide you with a no charge price quotation to perform our services

Rob Russell

Founder and owner

Before undertaking a land surveying project, we are certain you’ll have some questions.  We understand that the profession and practice of land surveying is, quite frankly, mysterious to most people.  You may only require our services once in a lifetime and as such, you are bound to have questions and concerns.  In addition, project requirements, as governed by each city individually, or by the county, vary depending on your project location.

Our consulting services not only focus on learning your project goals and

   educating you on the process of achieving them, but on the feasibility of accomplishing your intentions.  Unfortunately,            there are occasions when not all project aspirations can be met and even more disappointing, there are occurrences when      a project is not feasible at all.  There are many circumstances, including government regulations that affect the feasibility of      your project.  At Accurate Land Surveys we are not salesman.  We do not attempt to sell individuals or businesses on                  services they do not need or create a false sense of hope for a project that cannot be accomplished.  Our no charge

   preliminary research includes identifying conditions that may prohibit you from reaching your objective and if possible, the      steps necessary to generate a successful outcome.     
   Ready to take the next step?  Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.



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