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Looking to subdivide a parcel of land?  Accurate Land Surveys is here to help.  The design and improvements of all subdivisions are regulated by the local municipality and require the combined efforts of a Land Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Architect and other professionals to process and obtain approval for your project.  We are partnered with well qualified professionals in every discipline of land development who share our vision for success and client service.  Accurate Land Surveys not only provides for your Tentative Mapping, but gathers and manages the entire team and process.


Looking to complete a ground up condominium project or convert existing apartments?  Maybe you own a parcel of land with two or more existing dwellings that you want to convert into condominiums for individual sale.  Whatever your situation, we can process your project through to completion, including rallying your entire land development team.


Is your mortgage lender or Title Insurance Company requiring an ALTA Survey?  An ALTA survey, unlike most other land surveying projects, is nationally governed, providing for a uniform nationwide standard.  An ALTA map provides for a complete Title survey, including property lines, improvements, access and any easements benefiting or encumbering your property.  Optional Table “A” items are provided at the request of the client or entity requesting the ALTA survey.  


A Lot Line Adjustment is the process of changing the location of one or more of your and your neighbor’s common property lines.  Many times an encroachment situation can be resolved by a simple boundary adjustment, mutually benefiting both parties.  Maybe the current configuration of your parcel doesn’t make sense given the topographic features along the property lines.  Most individuals are unaware that a property line boundary adjustment is subject to approval by their local municipality.  Accurate Land Surveys is here not only to process and complete your Lot Line Adjustment Application but to offer practical advice on where to best locate the new property line as well as help overcome zoning requirements that could cripple your project.


A Topographic map is one that illustrates the contour and elevation of a parcel of land as well as depicting the locations of improvements and natural features such as trees and boulders.  We offer this service as part of our Civil Engineering support to aid in the design of grading, improvement projects or subdivision design.



Once Tentative Approval is obtained for your subdivision, we complete the process by preparing and recording your Final or Parcel Map, monumenting the property corners and helping you fulfill any required improvement conditions. 


Whether you are building a new fence, disputing with your neighbor or just want to know what you own, Accurate Land Surveys can perform a boundary survey of your property to clearly delineate a single property line or your entire parcel, monument your property corners, stake the property lines and prepare and file any necessary maps with either the County Recorder’s Office or County Surveyor’s Office.  Beginning any type of improvement project with a boundary survey is cheap insurance and will ensure you do not create an encroachment across a property line and onto your neighbor’s property


Are you being required to provide an Elevation Certificate to an insurance company in order to obtain Flood insurance?  Have you been notified that your residence is located within a floodway and possibly subject to inundation by the 100 year flood?  Accurate Land Surveys is well versed in the FEMA requirements for not only preparing your required Elevation Certificate but performing the necessary services to determine if you may be able to completely remove the requirement for Flood Insurance.  Many residences have been identified by FEMA as falling within the horizontal boundary of a floodway; however your residence may have actually been constructed above the flood elevation.  Accurate Land Surveys has successfully processed numerous applications with FEMA to completely remove our clients’ requirement to possess Flood Insurance and save them tons of money.


Accurate Land Surveys has extensive experience and provides construction staking services for all types of development projects, ranging from small to large scale residential projects, commercial and institutional projects.  We not only provide staking
for your land development project but work closely with you to provide input and advice on how to most efficiently and cost effectively complete your project.



Not all development projects require a complete topographic map.  If you are processing plans for a building permit, or need to know where your home is relative to the property lines for Architectural design, a Site Plan is right for you.  This is a map that includes property lines, the house and only those features that are pertinent to the design of your project. 


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